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  • Available light portraiture photography from just £130.

  • 6" x 4" album with 10 photographs included in the cost.

  • Your home, a park, the beach, a field, the middle of a city or (almost) any other place you would like to be photographed.

  • Typical session lasting around two hours.

  • A wide range of classic and contemporary presentation options available.

  • Combine with family photography tuition for a considerable saving.

I specialise in taking photographs of people using only the light available in the location I'm working. While I have previously carried portable studio equipment with me to replicate the environment you would experience with a studio based photographer, I consider my skills and interest to be far better suited to creative portraiture using a location that suits your personality and style. Without the need to carry or set up studio equipment, I can work faster and more intuitively, resulting in a far greater experience for you. An additional benefit is that it allows a location change, or several, through the shoot to ensure you have a range of photographic styles to choose from at the end.

A portrait session of you, your family or close friends are the most common arrangements. Pets can be photographed on their own or with people where suitable. I am comfortable with most animals, so just let me know what you have and we can discuss how to include it.

Absolutely anywhere (almost!) you can think of that you would like to be photographed. This could be part of your home or garden, a local park, the steps of a popular museum, a beach - whatever appeals to you and where I have permission to take photographs. I do have limits, but I will consider any request, just let me know and we can discuss how to approach it.

How long
It would be reasonable to allow around two hours from the point I reach you. It's possible the weather and location will work in perfect harmony, allowing a good session in as little as an hour, but this is Scotland after all, so let's plan for the worst and be pleasantly surprised if the weather is helpful!

The Weather
Just to restate, this is Scotland after all! I will always have options for good and bad weather to ensure the session can go ahead and provide you with images you'll love regardless what happens. On the odd occasion where the weather is deemed to be too poor to continue a shoot, I will of course offer to reschedule with you at no additional cost.

Family Photography Tuition
I don't just take photographs, I also teach people how to take better photographs themsevles. I offer a tuition package aimed specifically at helping people to take better photographs of their family and friends. Why not combine some tuition with a portrait session and ask me about a substantial discount for doing both together?

I charge a session fee of £130 which covers any initial discussion about your requirements, the portrait session itself within a reasonable distance of Glasgow and, if you request it, a subsequent meeting to discuss printing, framing and presentation options. You will also receive a 6" x 4" album with ten photographs of your choice at no additional cost.